Commercial Activities


Commercial division of SAYA engineering manufacturing and steel industries company is consisted of two departments.
1-Marketing and sale (inside and outside of the country)
2-Purchase and procurement.
Interior marketing and sale.
SAYA Company’s marketing and sale department by doing the following duties tries to have better and comprehensive recognition of the customer’s needs, market conditions and competitive this unit always consciously tries to create a sense and conception in customer’s minds to identify and understands difference and advantages of this company to its competitors as an obvious competition reality.
Recognition of the potential customers and their needs.
Recognition of rival substitutable products (threats).
Recognition of difficulties and market problems of the company.
Recognition opportunities outside of the organization.
For casting future behaviors of the customers and market.
Marketing and foreign sales
With consideration importance and necessity of foreign marketing for entering in to the international markets , this department with more emphasize on quality and propagation culture of thinking globally has pursued its planning’s for the regional markets and has tried to take the must advantages of the opportunities in word wide for working with the requested companies .
Purchase and procurement:
This section by arranging and integrated order for purchase and procurement inside of the organization, tries to create competitive advantage and added value and has always paid special attention to the factors which are effective for production and quality. Most of services, activities and main works of the organization have been carried out through this section by marketing use of the suitable suppliers which are identified and evaluated is prior. This section believes that management of the suppliers has vital importance for the organization because satisfaction of the customers without satisfaction of the suppliers is impossible. Also during the past years to keep moving on the line of “ just in Time “ management and reducing inventory has always been in priority of activities of this section .