Quality Assurance


SAYA quality assurance unit by using instructions and execution methods as well as order of the works to the executed and other quality documents makes complete super vision all through purchase of articles and raw material stages as well as production, storing, packing, delivery of the parts and all the cases related to quality of the product. To pass from every above – mentioned stages, super vision and confirmation of the quality assurance unit and personnel of quality control is a must.
This unit is quite acquainted with and has capability of controlling and inspection of the product according the international standards including JIS, AWS, ASME, DIN and etc. About parts related to cement factories especial standard F.L.SMITH. Is applied quality assurance unit, to reach to its targets, has specified the following activities and puts them in to force.
1-Employing specialized man power in the field of inspection and arranging continuous courses and holding meetings the quality assurance committee.
2-Carrying out tests and inspecting manufacturing projects out of the factory and casted parts, fabrication means, models, accessories and issuing technical certificate related to the fabricated products delivered to the customers.
3-Holding  monthly terrier interior auditing in the unit in addition to the ordinary general auditing made inside and outside of the company .
4-Carrying out required tests on the sample parts and pieces and also on the original ones to the assured of their perfection and guarantee them according current word standards by making use of capabilities of other third companies.