Research & Development

 Research and Development activities has begun with the establishment of SAYA Steel Industries Engineering and Manufacturing Company. 

During this period, the company has concentrated on the market to increase its share in global economy. Our main goal has constantly been higher quality and cost reduction. 

On oct, 17, 2002 SAYA succeeded in obtaining the Certificate of Research and Development from the Ministry Of Industries, of Islamic Republic of Iran. 

  R&D Resume  
Item Subjects Result
 1  Heavy casting know how  Casting various heavy parts such as; slag and matt pots, rollers, headwalls, and etc.
 2  Runner (core of the turbine power plant) technical knowlege  Successful manufacturing of runners in 2006.
 3  Investigation of changing blades on hydro dynamic runner behavior  Define allowable dimentional blade tolerances.
 4  Micro alloy analysis in slag pots  Slog pots mechanical properties and life cycle optimization.
 5  Matt pot and bail design  Increasing capacity of pot up to 23 percent for SARCHESHMEH copper plant.
 6  Complicated design and production  Design and production of matt and blister pots for KHATON ABAD factory for the first time in IRAN.