The moulding shop includes seven adjustable pits with different dimensions to maximum size up to 13x10 meters. Moulding operations are performed by modern sand preparation equipments under accurate control. Overhead travelling cranes with hoisting capacities up to 200 tons are used to handle moulds and casting parts. 
SAYA Steel Industries Engineering and Manufacturing Company is able to cast steel heavy and super heavy pieces up to 300 tons. 
SAYA activities are characterized by the manufacture of equipments for steel, copper, cement, power plant industries and etc. 


For heat treatment operations a furnace with the dimensions of 10x8x5 meters and capacity of 200 tons is available. It is equipped with air blast cooling fans and short-flame natural gas burners which ensure uniform heat distribution. In this furnace processes of annealing, normalizing and stress relief are achievable. Cleaning operation i.e. sand removing, risers cutting are performed by equipment such as; grinders, pneumatic chisels, flame cutting torches, arc-air gouging and etc.